I’m a 28 year old university student with a passion for body modification, and currently have about a dozen or so anime wives. This is my preferred forum for venting my current frustrations, opinions, and being extremely vain - whatever I feel like at the moment. Primarily, I make this a body modification blog, with a dash of my current fandoms.

I am in the process of sorting out some gender issues and currently am identify as genderqueer lesbian. As well, I am working on learning to answer to gender-neutral pronouns. This is going to be a bit of a learning process for me, and I'm open to answering any questions about it and am always grateful to hear stories from others on the topic. So please be patient with me.

Now, without further ado, let me tell you about Homestuck.


SAFE PIERCING: A Piercee’s Bill of Rights



  1. To be pierced in a hygienic environment by a clean, conscientious, sober piercer wearing a fresh pair of disposable medical examination gloves.
  2. To be pierced with a brand new, completely sterilized single-use needle that is immediately disposed of in a…

Rebloging this to make myself feel better.

It also happens to be incredibly important information that needs to be spread around more. Too many people are concerned with getting a cheep price as opposed to a quality piercing and many pay the price for it in the end.

Piercing and body modification is moving in from the margins of our society, and we need to start spreading the word about the hacks that will cause your body excess damage so that we can then give our business to those who provide a legitimate service. 

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    Can’t wait til i have the money to start an apprenticeship….I need to find a good clean awesome shop first, though.
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