I’m a 29 year old angry genderqueer feminist (pronouns - they/them) and this is my preferred forum for venting my current frustrations, opinions, and being extremely vain - whatever I feel like because this is my blog. Primarily, I make this a body modification blog, with a dash of my current fandoms. (Presently this includes Welcome to Night Vale, Steven Universe, Adventure Time, and many others)

Due to the nature of a lot of content that I reblog, there is the chance that there may be some triggering material for some people, if there is ANYTHING that you want me to tag for this reason please send me a message and I will do so - no questions asked. I want my blog to be just as much a safe space for my dear followers as it is for me.

I also have a policy of regardless what sort of trend I have in my content posting at the moment, DO NOT SEND UNSOLICITED NUDES. If you want to do so, message me first and I will let you know if I am okay with it. The last thing I need is to have some random dick pic showing up in my inbox.

Now, without further ado, let me tell you about Homestuck.


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